7 September 2023

Image of Exploring the outdoor classroom

Wow, what a fun time Class 1 had this afternoon exploring our outdoor classroom. It was a great place to go and escape the heat of our classroom and outdoor area as the big trees provided some lovely shade.
When we first arrived in the outdoor classroom we talked about the rules of the outdoor classroom and then we all took a moment to relax and enjoy the shade and peace. We sat round in a circle on the log seats and closed our eyes and thought about all the different things we could hear, smell and feel. We could hear the birds singing, cars on the road and other children playing and working. We felt the wind on our faces and could smell fresh air and mud.

The children then had to complete a scavenger hunt and find a stick, pine cone and minibeast each. The children loved exploring and found some great minibeast, although I think the huge slug was our least favourite find!

The children were then challenged to find the correct amount of pine cones to show their age to their teachers and friends. We had some super and accurate counting.

To finish our time in the outdoor classroom we had a game of hide and seek and all the children found some great but safe places to hide!

Class 1 are looking forward to more fun and learning adventures in the outdoor classroom.


Posted by R Heath

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