This term, due to schools closing during the lockdown period, it is vital that children focus on the fundamental learning skills of reading, spelling and times-tables recall. Practising these key skills will help the children to succeed and flourish. If we can focus on these key skills, all other areas of their education will see the benefit. Please see the activities outlined below, which can be used as homework activities this term. An optional enrichment activity can be found weekly, at the bottom of the page if you would like to extend your child’s home learning.

Activities for Reading

Activities for Spelling

  • Practise your child’s weekly spelling list, which can be found on the spelling section of your child’s class page, on the school website.
  • Practise the Year 6 Statutory spelling list, which can be found on page 100 in the school homework diary.
  • Use the Spelling Shed app weekly to encourage your child to practise at home through the fun games available.
  • Practise your child’s weekly spellings both verbally and in written forms.

Activities for Maths

  • Use the Doodlemaths app weekly to encourage your child to practise the key skills in numeracy.
  • Use the Doodletables app which is a fantastic online tool that children can use to practise and learn their times tables up to 12 x 12. 
  • Use Education City and find a game based on a topic your child is unsure of, or have worked on in class that week to build on their understanding.
  • In addition to this, under the ‘Maths’ section of the Education City site, there is a ‘Times Tables’ tab which contains songs and games your child can play to improve their times tables knowledge.

Homework for 7th May - 14th May


- Please access and play the learn screen set on the Homework section of Education City. You need to watch the learn screen and take notes. When you have finished, you need to create a poster all about Relative Pronouns, using the information you learnt from the learn screen. This poster will need to be brought into school.

Grammar Adventure 6a.


- Please access and play the two games set on the Homework section of Education City. You need to keep playing until you achieve at least 80% on each game!

Year 5 - Choc-A-Block. Hundredths and Thousandths.

Year 6 - Recipe Scaling. Scale Factor.


- You also need to read for 10 minutes each day and practise your spellings on Spelling Shed. This weeks spelling list can be found on the Class 4 Spellings page. You also have a practice spelling sheet to complete.