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See the source imageWelcome to Class 1!

Our Early Years Foundation Stage is called Class 1.

Class 1 is led by Miss Heath and supported by teaching assistants Mrs Grant and Mrs Broome.


Class Information:

Uniform: Please ensure that ALL uniform including PE kits are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Your child will also need to have a spare change of clothes that can stay in school - just in case!

PE: Class 1 has P.E every Tuesday morning, P.E kits will be sent home weekly to be washed.

Aprons: Please bring an apron or old shirt that is clearly labelled into school for your child to wear during creative activities and messy play at school. Aprons will be sent home weekly to be washed.

Milk: Children who have not yet reached their 5th birthday will receive free milk daily. Once your child reaches 5, to continue receiving milk you will need to fill in a form at the office and pay using parent pay.

Water bottles: Each child should bring a water bottle into school that is clearly named, bottles will be returned home at the end of each day for washing and refilling.

Readers: Once your child begins to bring home a reading book they will be changed on a Monday and Thursday, if they are bought back with the diary signed to say that your child has read. Lots of children enjoy reading through Bug Club and this could be used if your child has finished their book.

Diaries: Diaries will be checked every day for messages and form an important communication between home and school, so please let us know any information on the right hand page of the diary. It is helpful to write in their diary who will be picking your child up that day so we know who to look for and if it is someone new we can ask for your child’s password.


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