In 2019-20, Anson Primary school was awarded a £16,900 in order to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision and to continue developing healthy lifestyles.


The grant was used to widen the opportunities for pupils with repeated specialist PE intervention at a cost of £8,400 as provision had already been assigned before Covid-19


Continued after-school provision is cost £2,280 as provision had already been assigned before Covid-19


Increasing staffing costs and transport to more inter-school competition cost £2,720 for the contribution to minibuses and earlier events that took place in the autumn and spring terms.


The increase in swimming provision for all pupils to achieve KS2 standard was also continued to be supported at a continued cost of £3,500 as provision had already been assigned before Covid-19


Prior to Covid-19 knowledge of Healthy Lifestyles and skills in a variety of sports had improved with intervention activities. A baseline fitness tracker across the school showed, for a second year in succession, over 90% of pupils having a good level of fitness. Pupil attendance at an associated after-school activity last year was 90% before Covid-19. The school competed in several inter-school competitions, including football, cross-country and athletics. In 2019-20, 100% of Year 6 pupils achieved the required KS2 swimming standard which was the anticipated target for 2020 before Covid-19. Although Covid-19 has impacted on definitive targets being achieved, children were given tasks to complete at home that required daily exercise and were signposted towards healthy eating recipes.