In 2018-19, the pupil premium allocated was £19,500


This was spent was as follows:


  • Teaching support resources - £1280.00
  • 12 hours per week for dedicated staff time to receive additional intervention - £11,070
  • After school tutoring – £4,750
  • Provision of extended school opportunities - £2,400


10/14 (71%) of disadvantaged pupils are achieving age-related expectations (ARE) in July 2019. The 4 of the pupils which are not currently meeting ARE (29%) all have recognised SEND.

All identified pupils receive extra support during the school day and after school with intervention programs as part of their Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Raising Achievement Plan (RAP) through the use of pupil premium to accelerate their learning.


The 2019/20 allocation is expected to be £16,900.


The school has also arranged for 3 hours per week to be allocated for after school 1:1 or small group tuition at a cost of £2,850. A further £1,200 is budgeted for teaching support resources. The school has also arranged 13.5 hours of increased support staff time for pupils to receive individual or small group intervention during the school day, costing £12,850


In 2018 -19, Anson Primary school was awarded £16,900 in order to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision and developing healthy lifestyles.


The Grant was used as follows:

  • Professional development of our staff using specialist PE teachers to provide high quality intervention and work alongside our staff to increase their subject knowledge and confidence in PE. £8,380
  • A wide range of physical after-school activities will be offered to pupils throughout the year with no charge. This will cost £2,280 for the year
  • Increase in swimming provision - £3,500
  • New lunchtime sport opportunities for pupils were introduced at a cost of £2,740.


Pupil feedback show that pupils across the school have a good have knowledge of Healthy Lifestyles and a baseline fitness tracker across the school showed over 90% of pupils having a good level of fitness. Pupil attendance at an associated after-school activity is 89%. The school has also competed in several inter-school competitions, including football, cross-country and athletics.


In 2019-20, Anson Primary school expects to be awarded a further £16,900 in order to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision and developing healthy lifestyles.


It is intended to use this grant to widen the opportunities for pupils with continued specialist PE intervention and inter-school competition across our 2-year rolling curriculum Staff to support this will cost £13,400.


The increase in swimming provision for pupils will also continue to be supported at a continued cost of £3,500.