17 January 2023

Image of Gingerbread baking

Class 1 made gingerbread men!

We measured out the ingredients, followed a recipe and made sure we took good care remembering good hygiene when cooking. The children were very good at making sure their hands were clean..and stayed clean!

After the fun of baking and decorating our gingerbread men we went out to play outside but to our shock when we returned to the classroom the gingerbread men has vanished...we found crumbs and some that were half eaten all over our classroom! We each had our own ideas as to what had happened and decided to make wanted posters to put up around the school so everyone could look out for who they thought had stolen our gingerbread men!

Thankfully later that day we received a letter from the Princess that we had created in our story maps last week and she returned our gingerbread men to us.

We quickly ate them all up before they could run away again! Yum yum! 

Posted by R Heath

Category: Class 1

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