1 August 2023

Dear Parent / Guardian 





Trespassing on the railway network is extremely dangerous and endangers not only  the lives of those on the track, but also passengers, railway staff and the general  public.



Many people - especially young people - fail to understand the danger they put themselves and others in, when  they make the choice to stray onto the rail network.

As summertime approaches, we are already seeing an increase in the number of incidents being reported.  Incidents we’re seeing involve children and young people:

Hanging around on station platforms and crossing the tracks.

Walking along the railway lines.

Throwing stones at trains.

Placing objects on the railway lines.

Using the railway as a playground. 

I am sure you agree that all of the above activities are extremely dangerous. 

The British Transport Police and Network Rail are seeking the support of parents and guardians to highlight the  danger and implications of these activities to help us reduce the number of young people putting themselves and  others at significant risk. 

To assist with the conversation there are a number of online videos available and range depending on the age group of your child. 

Links to Videos 

Home - Switched On! (switchedonrailsafety.co.uk)

Educational resources for children - Network Rail

Home - You vs. Train (youvstrain.co.uk)

Stay Safe with Thomas - Network Rail

Key Messages 

Trains are always running on the railway and can differ in times meaning that you can never predict when a train  will pass. The Electricity is ALWAYS switched on around the railway. 

Always Stop, Look and Listen before using a Level Crossing.




Trespassing on the railway is also a criminal offence which can involve your child obtaining a criminal record and  a fine of £1000.

If you wish to report any information to us, please call us on Freephone 0800 40 50 40 or text the information to  61016.

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