23 November 2023

Image of Road Safety Week

Class 1 have been learning how to stay safe by roads. We have explored where it is safe to cross, looked at road signs and markings on the road that indicate where pedestrians cross. Our Road Safety Motto is - Stop, Look, Listen and Think!

After we had learnt all about Road Safety we put our knowledge to the test and we created our own road on the playground, we drew roads in chalk, we added shops Tesco and Aldi, the swimming pool, a car park, petrol station, Cannock Chase and Anson on to our road! Then we used our bikes and scooters to be motorists on the road following the road signs - we stopped at Zebra crossings to let the pedestrians across to get to their destination, we stopped at the traffic lights and for the Lollipop person. The pedestrians had to cross where it was safe and waited for the green man on the lights and we looked at where it would definitely not be safe to cross. We even learnt how to say thank you to each other when we are in our cars or crossing the road.

Well done Class 1!!

Posted by R Heath

Category: Class 1

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