8 September 2023

Image of Our special visitor

Today we welcomed the author and illustrator of the book ‘Flower Power’  - Caroline Wedd.

She lived on a farm during her childhood and loved the thought that Jesus was her friend.

Even as a child she wanted to get her special message across - ‘ there is a little flower in all of us, we can stretch smile and grow’.

She explained how we all need people to help us and  how sometimes we have to make mistakes before we get it right.

In the same way a little flower becomes a big flower we too need resilience ,encouragement , love and perseverance.

She explained that it’s good to believe in ourselves and in God. 

Her mottos were inspirational :

                                 ‘Believe ... and receive ‘

                  ‘Everything is possible if we believe in ourself ‘


Posted by M Rackham

Category: Class 4

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