20 July 2023

Image of Playground designing for the National Trust

Following our visit to Shugborough yesterday, today we welcomed Flora and Hannah from the National Trust and Henry from Flights of Fantasy to Anson, They spent the afternoon with the children exploring what ‘play’ means to them and different types of play such as social play, quiet play and rough and tumble.

The children then spent time designing their dream playground! The children had some amazing ideas from accessible areas and quiet play zones, spaces for younger children to equipment for families of all ages to play on together. We had some fantastic designs of treehouses, zip lines and water play areas too!

We also thought about the varied jobs there are at Flights of Fantasy and how many people are involved in the design and build process, from project managers, carpenters and play designers. Luke even dressed up in all the necessary safety gear that carpenters need to wear.

Thank you again to a Flora, Hannah and Henry for an inspiringly afternoon!

Posted by G Duffy

Category: Class 3

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