1 December 2020

Image of Spaceship Crash Landing

We heard a very loud bang outside our classroom today...we all went to investigate and we found a Spaceship had crashed into a tree on the field. There was green and pink slime all over the grass and it looked like the aliens from our story Aliens Love Underpants had tried to fix their spaceship, but they needed more magnetic items to get it going. 
So we set to work finding out all about magnets and what kinds of materials are magnetic, we tested everything in our classroom that we could give to the aliens to help them out. Once we had found enough items, two children cautiously volunteered to take the bag of items to the spaceship...they definitely ran back very quickly!

Luckily by the end of the day the spaceship had been fixed and we received a letter from the aliens thanking us for the help.

All in a days work, well done Class 1!


Posted by R Heath

Category: Class 1

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