18 September 2020

We have a brilliant time celebrating Roald Dahl Day on Friday! We dressed up as some of our favourite characters from Roald Dahl’s books and we looked fantastic! During the day, we found some footprints in our outdoor area – The Enormous Crocodile had been around! So, we created a trap to try and trap the Enormous Crocodile. We used lots of different things from our outdoor area including chairs, blocks and cones in the hope that we could trick and catch him! We left our trap over the weekend – we hope when we come into school on Monday he has been caught!

We also did some super art work by drawing a picture of The Enormous Crocodile and then using water colour paints to add colour - just like Quentin Blake did when he illustrated The Enormous Crocodile book!

Posted by H Spennewyn

Category: Class 1