A Weekly Message from Miss Humphries to Class 3

Hello Class 3!

Welcome to Week 11. All of your home learning for the coming week has been uploaded and is now available in the classroom. Please accept your invite, which has been sent to your Gmail accounts so you can access this week's work.

Please ensure, as a minimum, you upload evidence of your English and Maths work. It is really important you keep up with the work, to ensure you don't fall behind and keep up with the super progress you have already made this year. 

I am continuing to be impressed by everything you have been doing! Keep up all of your hard work, as you are making us extremely proud!

I can't wait to see what you produce this week. Have a great one!

Miss Humphries and Miss Vivash.

Information for Parents

A mailbox has been set up to receive emails only for any work set outside of the educational programs we use.

The class 3 email address is: anson.class3@tssmat.staffs.sch.uk
We are unable to reply to any emails sent to this address.

If you wish to contact the class teacher please do so as usual by emailing the office email address. anson.office@tssmat.staffs.sch.uk.

The class teacher will make every effort to respond within 2 working days.